Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Welcome to the PTA...

Welcome to Nightingale Parent Teachers Association

Nightingale Parent Teachers Association works enthusiastically to raise money to buy a range of extras to improve the children’s experience at school. For example, funds raised by the PTA in the past year paid for the Gazebo, the sound systems for both the infants and junior assembly halls, and equipment for some after school clubs, amongst other things.

We organise regular events throughout the year to raise money and to provide enjoyment and fun and to bring together parents, teachers and children. Events in the past year have included a disco; an entertainer for the younger children; the summer fete; various sponsored events; a family barbecue; and the Halloween disco.

In the coming year the PTA is planning a series of similar events, and we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. We are also very keen for as many parents as possible to get involved in all our activities, so please contact the PTA through the school office if you want any more information, or want to get involved, even if it’s only to spare a couple of hours of your time to help at one of the events.

PTA Secretary: Dionne Peart
PTA Treasurer: Elaine Makowski
Committee Members: Kirsty Grant
Debbie Rosen
Sylvie Jones
Linda Highton
Xanthe Topping
Sam Bone
Annette Clark

Thursday, 6 December 2007


Nightingale Primary School PTA

Tuesday 13th November 2007 at 9.10am
Infant Hall
Minutes of meeting

Attendees: Mrs Barrett (Chairperson),Mrs T.Veasey, Cecile Fleet (Co-secretary), G.Maclaine, M.Vogel, D.Peart, L.Highton, M.May, R.Hunter, S.Jones, D.Rosen, A.Holmes, K.Grant, E.Makowski, J.Hurst, A.Clark, X.Topping, S.Scott

1. Chair’s Introduction
(Mrs Barrett)
Mrs Barrett opened the meeting and welcomed everybody. She thanks the PTA members for their hard work again this year and for the purchases made in particular the new sound system in the junior hall and the Gazebo/outdoor classroom.
This area is really used a lot specially by the older children who do sketching in it. Mrs Barrett is confident that this is really well built and should last a very long time.

2&3. Finances and Secretaries Report (Cecile Fleet)
Cecile Fleet went through the events of the year and their results in fundraising. The circus started well the financial year adding a £3,000 to the fund. Some new events have been organised this year. The talent show being a repeat of what is happening during school time, revealed some very talented children to their proud parents and friends(raised £200). In addition to a Disco for the juniors we had some entertainers for the Infants. These sessions were a real success and seeing all these little faces laughing was priceless! (raised £220). We had a very pleasant ladies’ night with a fashion show(£266) and our yearly Quiz Night thanks to David and Sue Gibson (£200).Our Sponsored event wasn’t as successful as in the past. Mrs Barrett felt that is because the school does other charity activities during the year. (£740+£160 Gift Aid raised). Our summer fete was a success despite the heavy rain. Everyone felt that there was a fantastic atmosphere and everything was well organised in such a confine space. (£2,800). The family BBQ was as well very wet and windy and was not so successful. During the year we had our normal cake sales, 100 club and other income like the Yellow Moon catalogues.
In total we raised £8,800 through our events.
The PTA purchased the Gazebo(£12,000), sound system for the halls, equipment for some after school clubs, sheds and other expenditures leaving us with a healthy £10,335 in our bank account.
Some purchases are still to be done like two notice boards, a canopy for the reception classes plastic roof, sound system for the Infant hall.

4. Appointments of Treasurer, Secretary and Committee Members

Election Secretary: Dionne Peart proposed by Ann Holmes
Seconded by : Kirsty Grant.

Election Treasurer: Elaine Makowski proposed by Kirsty Grant seconded by Annette Clark

Committee Members:
Kirsty Grant proposed by Annette Clark seconded by Cecile Fleet
Debbie Rosen proposed by Kirsty Grant seconded by Ann Holmes
Sylvie Jones proposed by G.Maclaine seconded by C.Fleet
Linda Highton proposed by Debbie Rosen seconded by Sylvie Jones
Xanthe Topping proposed byAnnette Clark seconded by Kirsty Grant
Annette Clark proposed by Kirsty Grant seconded by C.Fleet

After the meeting Samantha Bone contacted the PTA requesting that she still wanted to remain a committee member.
Samantha Bone proposed by Debbie Rosen seconded by Dionne Peart.

Some parents contacted us after the meeting and interesting in helping:
Mrs Mistsol (Reed year1) 8530 7624
Jo Moudry-Molloy (Aneshka year1)

Jonny Hurst (Zac year6, Joshua year4 and Jasmina nursery) would be interested in doing the sound engineering for some event like the Talent show. In addition he would be interested into organising a race night. Cecile Fleet will put him in contact with Pete Feldon and Simon Perriton.
5. Any Other Business
Mrs Barrett expressed concerns about the cake sales being against the new status of Healthy School awarded to Nightingale. That issue could jeopardise lots of the PTA events where we sell sweets and cakes.
Mrs Barrett to research.

Meeting closed at